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Our Ethos

We believe every business should deliver opportunity for success to all staff by giving them what they need to excel. We contribute to this by providing business information clarity, quality, efficiency and reliability.

Intraversed - Providing business information clarity, quality, efficiency and reliability
Intraversed - Build business assurance improving business information management

Our Mission

We exist to collaborate with businesses to build their assurance through improving business information management.

Our Approach

Our clients are our colleagues and collaborators as we create environments where everyone can excel. This is achieved when everyone can access, understand, use and trust the business information they need to succeed.

Intraversed - Access, understand, use and trust business information

"I found Intraversed to be honest, team players, hard workers and always committed to the task for which they had been engaged.

They displayed an admirable work ethic, treated confidential matters appropriately and sensitively, and showed initiative and a willingness to achieve the company's objectives.”

Marshall Strong, Manager - Revenue Center of Excellence (Retired)

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Our Founders & Directors

Terry Smith, Intraversed

Terry Smith

Co-Founder & Director

Terry enables her clients and their teams to thrive by co-creating the environments that foster success. Her passion for detail, accuracy and full-picture insight gives clients the tools they need to address the source of their business and financial assurance struggles.

Terry’s expertise has delivered client success across transport, education, health, insurance, finance and telecommunications industries. Her particular excellence in the integration of information in support of mergers and acquisitions has lead client organisations to become industry leaders, increase revenue and drive up company value.

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Mark Atkins, Intraversed

Mark Atkins

Co-Founder & Director

Mark helps his clients achieve real business benefits by assisting in the development of well-managed teams that have access to the right resources. His patient, considered and people-focused approach builds strong platforms from which his clients can make the best business and financial decisions for their organisations.

Mark’s approach has delivered successful outcomes in organisations across the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, manufacturing, public service and telecommunications industries. His diverse experience in both business and IT give him a broad scope understanding of what enables business clients to excel.

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“The customer service has been outstanding and the team always take the time to ensure they fully understand the scope of the project before beginning work and they provide great follow-up and technical support once the project has concluded.”

Geetha Velummylum, Head of Regulatory Affairs - Global

Our Team

Francesca Messori, Intraversed

Francesca Messori
Marketing and product development

Francesca supports our team by leading our marketing and web product design and development.

Naomi Crain, Intraversed

Naomi Crain
Business language and branding

Naomi supports our team by ensuring consistency in our education, writing, editing and analysis of language in classes, meetings, documents and branding.

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A government medical department improves quality of care by standardising their business information resources with Intraversed.
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