The all new Intralign Encyclopaedia V4

Mark Atkins, Intraversed


The Intralign Encyclopaedia is an information management and governance platform. It’s the central hub from which businesses can implement Intraversed’s award-wining Intralign Ecosystem – an information management & governance approach that enables the journey to reliable reporting, reduced risk and more effective IT spend.

In June 2020 the Intralign Encyclopaedia V4 will be released. It includes visual and functional upgrades for an easier and more enjoyable experience in facilitating the delivery of quality information to your organisation.

Providing the ultimate assistance to information governance teams, the Intralign Encyclopaedia also offers a dashboard and reporting capability to assist in monitoring and managing governance activities. Information governance has never been easier.

What to Expect from the Intralign Encyclopaedia V4

A new, cleaner user interface

We’ve upgraded our user interface to enhance useability and user experience. Clearer navigation tabs and better layout of functional areas means the everyday tasks that users undertake are easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

Greater responsiveness on devices

In the ever-changing landscape of workplaces and remote connection, it’s more important than ever that your business software be responsive to use on different devices. Intralign V4 incorporates greater responsiveness for narrower screens and tablet devices.

Easier, self-serve help videos and support contact

We’ve made finding answers to questions easier and quicker with one-click access to the help menu, with videos to help you gain greater skill in using the many functions of the Encyclopaedia. And when you can’t find an answer, or you’re experiencing a technical issue, one-click support contact makes raising a help ticket quick and easy.

Better communication with improved community bulletins

Part of building information management capabilities within your organisation is creating an active and engaged IM community. With bulletins you can communicate to the entire user-group easily and clearly.

Visibility over the way your information is connected – the mapping functionality

Take your information management and governance insights to the next level with the mapping functionality. See all the business terms or the information artefacts that have a relationship with the item you’re viewing. This allows easy impact analysis for changes to information artefacts or business term definitions. Information quality management just got seriously powerful.

And for the first time, the Intralign Encyclopaedia will be available for online sign-up, including a free trial period.

For the first time, those looking for a platform that can facilitate information governance in their organisation can access the Intralign Encyclopaedia via online sign-up, month-to-month subscription.

The benefits of the Intralign Encyclopaedia can now be accessed by businesses of all sizes and licencing can be expanded as required. With a library of self-serve training videos, technical support via email, and access to all upgrades as they’re released, this is a great option for those looking to establish gold standard information governance within their organisation.

And the best part – you can trial the Intralign Encyclopaedia V4 absolutely free. We’re launching V4 with our first ever free trial period, available for 1-3 users within an organisation, and covering 1 library (a library is the term we use in the Encyclopaedia for categorising ownership of business terms and information artefacts, most commonly reflecting functional areas of the organisation).

Simply the most powerful information management platform available

A glossary is just the beginning. The Intralign Encyclopaedia is so much more than just a glossary. It’s an encyclopaedia of your business information. It connects business terms in the glossary to all significant information artefacts, allowing quality issues related to language use to be identified and rectified, transparently and accountably.

Actually manage your information. The Intralign Encyclopaedia provides a central resource for registering, locating and leveraging information artefacts across the organisation. This facilitates improvement in information quality by providing the source, age, ownership and original purpose of information. And, because information is visible to staff, nothing is lost, nothing is wasted and nothing is duplicated by siloed functional areas.

An information governance nirvana. The Intralign Encyclopaedia offers governance teams the information management measures & metrics they need, with visibility over information management activities and issues resolution, to easily ensure governance is actually happening and happening effectively.

The Intralign Encyclopaedia
Simply the best information management platform available.

Mark Atkins, Intraversed

Mark Atkins

Mark is a co-founder & Chief Development Officer at Intraversed, helping organisations establish the Intralign Ecosystem, an award winning information management & governance methodology, to achieve reliable information, stable tech spend & greater IT project success.

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