Build your business assurance

by transforming the management
of business information

Helping you give your team what they need to give you what you need to make better business decisions

We collaborate with you to uncover the causes of poor quality business information. We'll then work with your team to design a business information management landscape tailored to your needs, your resources and your environment, so you'll always have the information you need to make better business decisions.

“Mark and Terry, as the visionaries and leaders of Intraversed, are incredibly strong consultants and have delivered amazing value in their partnership with Robert Walters Consulting. ”

Maree Brissenden

Robert Walters Consulting

With a customised consultancy plan from Intraversed, you and your team will experience:

Provide consistent figures in budgets and reports

Confidence to make business decisions

When your staff know they’re accessing the right information, you’ll get reliable, consistent figures in budgets and reporting. You can have confidence that the information you’re using is a solid basis for your business decisions.

Transparent issues resolution and management

Peace of mind in legal and regulatory requirements

Enable your team to raise issues with business information resources quickly and easily, ensuring potential legal, regulatory and consistency risks are eliminated fast.

Store relevant business information resources

Efficiency in business processes for your team

Reduce the time, effort and financial investment in creating new business information. With easy access to key details of business information resources you’ll have greater leveraging of existing resources, less information loss, greater security and smoother access.

Life cycle management business product resources

Certainty of currency, with confidence in historical records

Visible life cycle management, with clear accountability means you and your team can be sure the information being used is current, relevant and right, and ensures accurate and meaningful historical records.

Definitions for key business terms

Clarity and understanding throughout the organisation

We establish solid governance over the definitions of all your core business terms, and metrics giving your team clear requirements, processes and calculations to follow and provides the entire organisation with a common language for greater communication clarity.

“The success of the first initiative, which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to other initiatives being implemented by Intraversed.”

Geetha Velummylum

Head of Regulatory Affairs - Global

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A small insurance company out-performs all competitors through comprehensive, business-lead review of processes and technology needs.
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Deliver an environment
where everyone can excel

Building business assurance is essential to your business

We talk about business assurance a lot. That’s because the successful growth and profitability of your business, and the protection it has against legal, regulatory and reputational issues that could damage it, depend on business assurance.

We believe if you manage your business information well, your business assurance will be solid and your business will have the best chance of succeeding.

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Managing business information is central to business assurance

When your team take business data and produce something of value, meaning or significance to your business, we call that business information.

How you manage it is has a huge impact on your business assurance. We’ve seen it create large scale, unseen revenue leakage, major regulatory and reputational risk, conflicting metrics reporting across an organisation and huge – and we mean HUGE – wasted spending trying to rectify problems that never would have existed if these resources were well managed.

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“We worked with three consultants who were all exceptionally talented and great communicators... Initially the focus of the workshops was to tailor governance structures and processes that were sustainable for the University. Then we moved on to develop well over one hundred business term definitions... We experienced high levels of engagement from staff regardless of their level in the organisation."

Kerrin Paterson

Manager, Business Intelligence and Data Management

University of Western Sydney

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