Case Study - Health Care

Higher quality health care delivered through business information resource governance

A large state government health care agency eliminated information flow blockages and unified practices throughout its offices and clinics, with the primary goal of reducing cost inefficiencies, and enjoyed the unexpected bonus of improving the quality of the health care its agencies deliver.

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The Cost of Convenience Part 1: Cyber Security

The Cost of Convenience: Cyber Security

As the new year does its best to wake up and start Australia moving once again, I can’t shake the one topic that sums up my current thinking about 2018: Uber.

It seems that it was 2017’s issues of cyber security that threaten to have the biggest immediate impact on all of our day to day lives in the coming year and beyond.

Uber’s recent revelation of its cyber security breech came at an interesting time for me, not because I’m likely to be one of the 1.2 million Australians in the Uber breach but because, as a business owner, the threat of being hacked is an ever-increasing concern.

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The Cost of Convenience Part 2: Digital Disruption

The Cost of Convenience: Digital Disruption

Digital disruption is becoming a necessary consideration for every industry and individual. While the initial consumer savings may be a welcome change, the impact on our entire economy is looming and the outlook isn’t particularly good.

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