The Intralign Ecosystem

The Intralign Ecosystem

An information management landscape that puts information quality into the hands of your business community

Give your team what they need to deliver
better business information.

Too many businesses see information governance as completed checklist of requirements or procedure manuals, written and available on the shelf. Governance done.

Not even close.

Governance isn’t a set and forget action. It’s a community of information experts actively ensuring your business landscape is one that maintains effective information management by managing the foundations that deliver you that information.

“ governance tools look at a glossary as a secondary, and often more inferior, objective. However, with Intralign, the importance of well-structured definitions, term governance, and artefact management are at the core of their service since they understand the importance of consistent, well-managed and usable terms as the foundation of data governance."

Macquarie University

Rebecca McMartin, Glossary Administrator & Data Governance Analyst

See under the surface of your information

The Intralign Ecosystem approach is a dynamic and evolving approach to information governance that allows you to see under the surface of your information issues.

Iceberg no visibility

Businesses often suffer from the information iceberg – you experience unreliable reporting, difficulty obtaining the right numbers or unresolvable reporting problems.
But despite big IT spends and teams of clever, experienced people, the causes of the problems can’t be found – they lie beneath the surface, invisible and unresolved.
The Intralign Ecosystem gives businesses the ability to see under the surface, establishing information governance best practice processes, gold standard business language and effective information artefact management. And it’s all built on a community of engaged information stakeholders in your organisation.

The Intralign Ecosystem delivers governance teams and senior leaders four key abilities that enable the maintenance of this high-level information management:
Visibility over what’s really going on in your business, under the surface of your numbers;
Accountability via solid governance frameworks that ensure someone is responsible for each part of the information generation process;
Capability training for your governance team and information management stakeholders, as well as general staff training in IM responsibilities;
Measurability of all steps in your IM procedures, because what gets measured, gets done.

Intralign four abilities

The Intralign Ecosystem includes:

Provide consistent figures in budgets and reports

The Intralign Encyclopaedia

The Intralign Encyclopaedia platform is your information management & governance hub. It includes a business term glossary, a business information artefact register, an information issues management component and a governance dashboard & reporting features for governance teams and senior staff.

Transparent issues resolution and management

The Intralign Definition Writing Standard

Intralign is the only glossary platform that enforces a definition writing standard to ensure high quality, consistent, grammatically correct term definitions. The Standard makes definition approvals easier, editing & rewriting simpler and collaborative definition writing ability is built-in.

Store relevant business information resources

The Intralign Governance Frameworks

Intralign offers three governance frameworks that establish the process and structures for implementing information governance over:

  • Your information management community

  • Your business terms, and

  • Your information artefacts.

Definitions for key business terms

Education, mentoring and community upskilling

The Intralign approach ensures your team is equipped and ready to maintain effective governance over your information foundations. We provide definition writing education classes, definition writing studios and facilitated mentoring, definition writing blockbusters, community training, language training for BAs and Senior Staff, and comprehensive all-staff training modules, to ensure teams are fully aware of their information management responsibilities and they’re not just able to meet them, but empowered to innovate.

Read A Case Study

A small insurance company out-performs all competitors through comprehensive, business-lead review of processes and technology needs.
Read more here

Build business assurance
with the Intralign Ecosystem

Business assurance won’t exist without information quality. Investing in your team’s ability to effectively manage and govern your business information can reduce risk, stabilise tech spend and enable innovation and development that information issues were preventing.

With the visibility, accountability, capability and measurability that the Intralign Ecosystem enables, you’ll understand the quality of your information and have the ability to see where issues exist, find their root causes, establish resolution pathways and monitor progress.

The cost of not managing business information can be high

Not many businesses manage and govern their business information well. And this leads to problems.

We’ve seen it create:

  • large scale, unseen profit leakage,

  • major regulatory and reputational risk,

  • conflicting metrics reporting across an organisation, and

  • huge costs trying to rectify problems that never would have existed if these resources were well managed.

“We worked with three consultants who were all exceptionally talented and great communicators... Initially the focus of the workshops was to tailor governance structures and processes that were sustainable for the University. Then we moved on to develop well over one hundred business term definitions…… we experienced high levels of engagement from staff regardless of their level in the organisation. "

University of Western Sydney

Kerrin Paterson, Manager - Business Intelligence and Data Management

Let Intraversed show you how the Intralign Ecosystem can help you achieve better quality information

We can set up a live, online demonstration of the Intralign Ecosystem for you, to explain how better governance over your information foundations can give you visibility over your information issues.

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