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Reduce your risk,
get peace of mind,
without costly
infotech investment


    Lost organisational knowledge causes:
  • regulatory non-compliance
  • project failures
  • unreliable reporting


    Education, software & services that enable your teams to:
  • clearly capture and share business knowledge
  • communicate effectively between business & IT
  • maximize your infotech ROI

..."So, we’ve really focused on the importance of getting the glossary right," Miller adds, adding the partnership with Intraversed is "extraordinary. They run these blockbuster sessions to make sure we get the support about structuring definitions and then helping us through that methodology. [The business community] have just approved our 1,000th definition!"

Interview with David Miller, CDO Macquarie University

Tech-Exec Magazine, issue 17 p60, October 2023

Data Governance Needs Risk Management


Gain confidence in regulatory compliance, drive effective infotech investment, and uplift organizational knowledge for effective data governance.

Based on the authors’ extensive experience and reinforced with case studies, this book presents their award-winning framework of business tools and techniques. It provides a 4-point strategy for achieving business-driven information governance aligned with business risk management to ensure the delivery of quality and reliable information.

Some of Our Happy Clients


"The success of the first initiative, which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to other initiatives being implemented by Intraversed."

Geetha Velummylum, Head of Regulatory Affairs - Global

Introducing the Intralign Ecosystem

Intraversed - Define Business Language

Build a community of language & knowledge managers throughout your organisation who ensure governance is applied to the definition and use of language, the tracking & management of critical business knowledge and the management of raised issues in these areas.

Intraversed - Store and access your Business Information

Actively manage language used in your organisation to ensure consistency across silos, supporting more effective reporting, regulatory compliance and cross-organisational innovation & collaboration.

Intraversed - Store and access your Business Information
Intraversed - Assign accountability for issue resolution

Mitigate risk of critical knowledge loss, regulatory non-compliance & internal communication error through easy, dashboard-driven governance monitoring of language & knowledge related issue resolution

Read A Case Study

A small pharmaceutical company strengthen regulatory assurance through effective business information governance with Intraversed.
Read more here

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Improving ROI for infotech projects

Improving ROI for infotech projects using a language-driven approach

The return on investment for information technology projects is questionable. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), 36% of projects failed to meet their business objective. We provide a language-driven approach to mitigating the risk of these kinds of failure.

Myth Busting: It's too hard to align common terms

Glossary specialists often avoid trying to gain consensus of commonly used business terms because of the sheer number of stakeholders and diversity of opinion that will need to be aligned. Learn how we’ve busted this myth with our definition standard and forthcoming book on a strategy for achieving successfully aligned definitions plus other unexpected benefits, including reduced regulatory risk!

Myth Busting: Glossaries require too many stakeholders to be successful (or even establish)

People are often scared to undertake glossaries because of the sheer number of stakeholders and diversity of opinion that will need to be corralled into a room and brought to consensus for each term definitions. Learn how we’ve busted this myth with our system that creates engagement in the glossary building process and results in successfully written definitions, even for the trickiest terms. Plus other unexpected benefits!

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Australian Business Awards 2019 for Process Innovation
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Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2022 - Finalist
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