Some of our
Success Stories


Regulatory assurance through effective business information governance

A small pharmaceutical research company discovered that an excelbased solution, implemented along with the right governance protocols, delivered better regulatory assurance to their international enterprise than could have been delivered by simply moving to the big-price-tag software solutions they’d been looking to purchase.

Health Care

Higher quality health care delivered through business information resource governance

A large state government health care agency eliminated information flow blockages and unified practices throughout its offices and clinics, with the primary goal of reducing cost inefficiencies, and enjoyed the unexpected bonus of improving the quality of the health care its agencies deliver.


Business assurance improved through effective business information governance

A Fortune 500 telco operating in the Asia Pacific region achieved increased confidence in business decision making, reduced regulatory risk and eliminated unseen revenue leakage with effective governance of their business information resources.


Business assurance improved through comprehensive, business-lead review of processes and technology needs

A small company introduces business assurance practices that lead it to out-perform all its competitors, raise its corporate value and profile and become one of the largest companies in its field within a decade.


Business assurance is established through effective governance of business terms and definitions

A large university establishes a data governance strategy that recognises the central role of business language management in effective communication, collaboration, transfer of corporate knowledge, efficiency and minimising risk associated with staff turnover.

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