Giving Back

Because every Australian
should have access to what
they need to succeed

Supporting Australia’s
First Nations’ people

Building literacy in
the next generation

Preserving cultures and languages
for future Australians

In support of the UN Sustainable Development Global Goals (, a percentage of all our revenue goes to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) to help ensure every Aussie kid has access to what they need to succeed.

Intraversed’s Contribution

In financial year 2020 Intraversed have funded the supply of over 280 books to remote indigenous communities around Australia.

The ILF engage indigenous writers and illustrators to create children’s books in traditional languages, as well as supply libraries in remote communities with books and programs to encourage literacy in indigenous children.

The ILF’s Achievements

  • Gifted over 500,000 books into 400 communities via Book Supply (who gift carefully chosen, culturally appropriate, new books, with at least 40% by Indigenous authors and illustrators)

  • Supported 52 playgroups with early literacy books and resources and translated popular children's books into 11 languages via Book Buzz (who promote early literacy through a story-time session with babies and toddlers, supported by their families)

  • Published 90 books in 18 languages (and hoping to publish the 100th in 2020) of stories written by Indigenous people for Indigenous people, in the languages(s) of their choice via Community Literacy Projects.

From the ILF 2019 Impact Report

Over 17 years ago, the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) was born out of one woman’s passionate belief in justice and equity for our First Nations’ people. Uniting some of the most powerful minds and hearts in the Australian Book Industry and supporters, the ILF has grown from the basic belief that every child has the right to reach their full potential through education, to ensuring that many remote communities have access to books and other literacy resources in their homes, as well as books in their own community languages. Reading Opens Doors was and remains our motto, but our focus is ever-changing as our engagement with Elders and communities deepens and strengthens.

From relatively small beginnings, which included a partnership with the Fred Hollows Foundation, to our present day collaborations with playgroups, health centres, schools and many NGOs that work in remote communities across Australia, we remain committed to our belief that all Australian children deserve to have equity of opportunity no matter where they live.

Join us in supporting the work of the ILF and help create an Australia where every child has access to what they need to succeed.

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