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"I am very happy with Intraversed and the service they provided."

"The success of the first initiative saved hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"They have a way of making the complex simple."

"The Intralign ecosystem was procured for Macquarie University to establish a single source of truth glossary, however we got so much more. Compared to other glossary tools, Intralign is the single most sophisticated piece of software available on the market. Other data governance tools look at a glossary as a secondary, and often more inferior, objective. However, with Intralign, the importance of well-structured definitions, term governance, and artefact management are at the core of their service since they understand the importance of consistent, well-managed and usable terms as the foundation of data governance.
With Intralign, we not only got a software program, we got access to local support 24/7, expert advice, and a well-established framework for information management governance.
Mark and Terry have enabled me, coached me, and given me the confidence to engage the university community, and to advocate for a consistent, centralised source of truth, ultimately resulting in improvement to our data quality, reporting, and communications."

Macquarie University

Rebecca McMartin, Glossary Administrator & Data Governance Analyst

"The Intraversed team have an expansive understanding of the way language impacts key business performance, which guides their Intralign methodology and passion in the work they do.
Our adoption of their definition writing standard, coupled with their methodology and the skill of the workshop facilitation, enabled the implementation of business term life cycle management and the agreement of definitions for 116 key business terms and metrics with 24 business stakeholders during eight weeks of the first engagement.
The definition driven process also facilitated the development of a business concept model and, subsequently, a logical data model that we now use to understand critical data elements and guide our data and analytics project teams.
I am very happy with Intraversed and the service they provided. "


Nonna Milmeister, Head of Data Strategy & Governance

"We worked with three consultants who were all exceptionally talented and great communicators... Initially the focus of the workshops was to tailor governance structures and processes that were sustainable for the University. Then we moved on to develop well over one hundred business term definitions... We experienced high levels of engagement from staff regardless of their level in the organisation.

We piloted Intralign and found it to be the only product on the market that had built-in functionality to ensure well-structured and grammatically correct definitions. It also has lots of other features to facilitate collaboration and automated governance processes.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Intraversed team, and their product Intralign..."

Western Sydney University

Kerrin Paterson, Manager - Business Intelligence and Data Management

"Mark and Terry, as the visionaries and leaders of Intraversed, are incredibly strong consultants and have delivered amazing value in their partnership with Robert Walters Consulting. "

Robert Walters Consulting

Maree Brissenden

"Both Mark and Terry have a way of making the complex simple."

Robert Walters Consulting

Amba Nalbantof

"Intraversed have provided their information management products and services to me for several years. They have always established cost effective and appropriate solutions and helped ensure the governance, quality and integrity of our information."

The customer service has been outstanding and the team always take the time to ensure they fully understand the scope of the project before beginning work and they provide great follow-up and technical support once the project has concluded.

The success of the first initiative, which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to other initiatives being implemented by Intraversed."

Geetha Velummylum, Head of Regulatory Affairs - Global

"I found Intraversed to be honest, team players, hard workers and always committed to the task for which they had been engaged.

They displayed an admirable work ethic, treated confidential matters appropriately and sensitively, and showed initiative and a willingness to achieve the company's objectives."

Marshall Strong, Manager - Revenue Center of Excellence (Retired)

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